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Could We See PsyBio Therapeutics Corp Become The Next Billion-Dollar Biotech Stock?
Take A Look At Other Similar Companies And Where They Are Today
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Very Few In This Sector Have Accomplished What PsyBio Has Accomplished

Psybio set out to raise $5 million in its go public round and was oversubscribed with over $17 million, finally accepting $14 million, half of it coming from dedicated life science institutional investors.

Psybio raised enough capital for two years of runway which includes submissions to the FDA in 2021.

PsyBio retains the global exclusive rights to a platform technology enabling highly efficient drug discovery, development, and production for pharmaceutical candidates through synthetic biology and metabolic engineering.















Psybio has a portfolio of over 80 molecules and growing by utilizing the genetics of hallucinogenic plants and fungi. 

PsyBio has its own dedicated animal testing center and performs experiments on drug candidates on a daily basis.

Psybio is working with three globally acclaimed contract manufacturers for process development on its psilocybin compound and its derivatives.

Psybio's management team has submitted thousands of FDA applications for therapeutics, diagnostics and devices and managed thousands of clinical trials.

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Why PsyBio Will be the Leader in the Psy-che-delic Drug Discovery Busines

1. PsyBio has compiled an ever-expanding portfolio of over 80 molecules, utilizing scientific methodology to prioritize ongoing development

2. PsyBio is an industry-first and leader in developing cheaper, faster, and greener psychedelic inspired compound discovery and production

3. PsyBio has contracted with three globally acclaimed and experienced contract manufacturing organizations for process development and commercialization of lead compounds

4. PsyBio is one of a small number of companies actively working towards US FDA sanctioned clinical trials in the psychedelic inspired biotherapeutic space

Management Team
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PsyBio’s Progress in the Advancement of Pharmaceutical Candidates
Focusing on the Treatment of Mental Health Challenges and Neurological Disorders


Ongoing commercialization of an efficient, patent-pending bacterial biosynthesis process for the production of therapeutic candidates.
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Developing a scientifically based portfolio of therapeutic candidates based initially on psychedelic agents.


Understanding the innate synergy between psychoactive compounds in a laboratory-controlledenvironment
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