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Upstryve Starts New Year with One-of-a-Kind Virtual Conference

Upstryve has been addressing the needs of trade workers internationally since 2019, providing mentoring programs, licensure programs, video resources, exam preparation, and business growth resources for the skilled trades industry. The platform strives to help workers in the industry achieve greatness no matter what age or level, and even has a program designed to connect qualified workers with professional connections and opportunities. Upstryve is positioned among a rapidly growing ed-tech industry, where companies like Quizlet, Powerschool, and Skillsoft Corp. uphold a popular status and high market capitalization.

Upstryve CEO Noah Davis reveals insight on the company’s professional networking platform, Upstryve Connect, as well as the upcoming Upstryve Connect Conference – a can’t-miss opportunity for professionals in the skilled trades.

Upstryve has been around for about a year. What was the company's original vision and how has that evolved?

Our goal has always been to transform the way vocational education is taught and learned. There has been a void left by other ed-tech companies that has never been addressed. Vocational education and trade schools get left behind because there is such a strong lobby and push towards a four-year college education. There is such a significant skilled workers gap in this country and we saw a significant lack of streamlining in that education process so that new workers can adapt to new technologies, learn faster and require less turnover for employers.

We grew from our beginning as a traditional trade training program, test prep and traditional skilled trades education and adjusted because of the need to learn differently and remotely. Upstryve brings together mentoring, coaching, education and assistance with job placement for aspiring and current skilled trade professionals. We have over 500 test prep courses, 1,000 annual virtual classes, over 400 safety training programs and work with numerous Fortune 500 companies. We are ready to train and coach the next generation of workers.

Not many trade companies delve into the social networking realm. Tell us about Upstryve Connect and how to join.

Not many trade schools know how to adapt to the changing education landscape. Companies need a diverse workforce, one that works with technology and adapts to changing conditions. Traditional trade schools are grounded by their physical location. They don't know how to connect with their students virtually and help put them in touch with other like-minded individuals and coaches who can not only teach them a trade, but stay with them throughout their career. Upstryve provides all of that for both aspiring professionals and companies looking to grow into new markets and qualify for additional licenses.

Upstryve Connect is free to join. The platform has mentors, coaches, education and job opportunities curated based on answers we collect on your preferences, goals and skills.

Upstryve's monthly webinars have become pretty consistent within the digital trade industry communities. How is your conference going to be bigger and better?

Our monthly webinars were created to provide valuable information for trade professionals and businesses looking to navigate their space. We bring experts in their fields and provide this free of charge to anyone who wants to attend.

The Upstryve Connect Conference is going to be so much bigger. We are putting together a star-studded list of individuals all with significant influence in their trade in a packed two-day virtual event free of charge. Our speakers have from hundreds of thousands to over a million subscribers on various social platforms. Their insight and experience make the event a must-attend for individuals looking at the trades as an option for their career and industry veterans who want a leg up. We are giving away amazing items and even giving away one-on-one virtual sit-downs with the influencers. All of this is going to be run through our brand-new Upstryve Connect platform. We are really excited to share about the conference in the coming days.

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