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Upstryve Raises the Standards of Trade Industry Networking

Upstryve, Inc. (OTCPK: PBYA), a digital resource database and training source for the skilled trades, recently hosted the Upstryve Connect Conference on January 26th and 27th. The event featured leading influencers in the skilled trades and marked Upstryve’s increased reach as it aspires to grow its platform with ProBility Media Corp. Upstryve President Noah Davis reflects on the conference’s success and discusses the company’s future going forward.

This past January 26th and 27th, your company pulled off a one-of-a-kind event and one of the most attended speaking segments was with the Upstryve Executive team. What with the inevitable intensity that comes with the penny stock market, how did the live Q&A go?

I thought our executive team delivered a fantastic summary of the business and a roadmap for our future. We went in understanding that we would be asked tough questions as a result of our sliding share price over the past few months and other announcements we had made. I am very pleased to say that we answered almost every question that came from the audience. There were questions on dilution, SEC compliance plans, operating statements and future growth plans. We have always been extremely transparent about what we do and how we do it at Upstryve.

Many pink sheet companies often will not fully communicate with their shareholders. I see those companies as ones that don't have a strong story to tell or revenues supporting their valuation in the market. We are a strong revenue company with a clear path towards uplisting off the pink sheets and in an industry that is severely lacking what we have to offer.

The large attendance during our discussion is a testament to our loyal shareholders and followers. More importantly, many of those same people stayed around for our other speakers. It means we are telling our story to the right people – investors who invest in companies for the long term.

The event that Upstryve executed was one of the largest and longest digital conferences in the trade industry that ever hit our radar. Was the brick-and-mortar trade world ready for you guys?

I was pleasantly surprised at the number of registrations we had leading up to the conference and during the event – I believe we were close to 1,000 people. This reach is amazing given the fact it was our first virtual conference and how quickly our team put all the speakers and giveaways together. I am sure of one thing: people in the industry have taken note of this conference and our reach to aspiring and established tradespeople. We had twelve speakers with significant social media reach all in the field we address.

We also had representation with prominent speakers from companies such as Dell and BAE Systems. In addition, our team had multiple discussions with companies who wished they had known further in advance about this event. I am confident next time around we will have new corporate sponsors and even more valuable content to deliver to the participants. This is just a taste of a significant part of the future of Upstryve, and there is more to come on this topic in the near future.

Your merger with Probility Media happened last year and Twitter responded with various reactions. What part do you think a heavy digital presence will play in the future of the company? Will investors have something to look forward to?

The combination of Upstryve’s new approach to trades education with the stability of ProBility’s years of training and content with its subsidiaries is one that is extremely valuable. The digital presence will be everything for Upstryve. We will be at the forefront of any new technology adoption for ed-tech in the trades. We have already announced our NFT project and we expect to announce more ways we are going to bring Upstryve towards the adoption of all the new ways people are interacting on social media and the digital world. The conferences and events will lead Upstryve more and more to the adoption of the ways we can deliver content and value to our clients and prospective customers.


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