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Natural Resource and Hemp Developer Amazonas Florestal, Ltd. Announces Two September Partnerships

Amazonas Florestal, Ltd. (OTC:AZFL), a natural resources company that focuses on the growth and development of Industrial Hemp, has recently announced its entry of a MOU with two companies: Botánica de la Sierra and Stilbon Corp. These partnerships will leverage the company in both production and distribution of its Industrial Hemp products as it endeavors to expand to foreign and domestic markets.

Botánica de la Sierra Partnership

Amazonas Florestal’s partnership with licensed Colombian cannabis grower, Botánica de la Sierra, was announced September 16. The companies will be organizing a branch of Amazonas Florestal specifically for the growing, manufacturing, and distribution of CBD and medical marijuana products. Botánica has been focused on vertically integrating its business and expressed its enthusiasm for this partnership, as it will allow the company to continue developing hemp genetics.

This partnership also aligned Amazonas Florestal with Botánica’s Colombian clientele, giving it significant potential as a top grower and manufacturer. Botánica possesses 5 cannabis licenses, a 212-acre farm, and another 84-acre farm with fully equipped greenhouses which Amazonas Florestal CEO Ricardo Cortez says “could position Amazonas Florestal as a key player in this industry.”

Both companies see tremendous potential in establishing Amazonas Florestal’s presence in Colombia and anticipate changing laws in adult medical marijuana use as a catalyst for business growth. “We have long searched for the right partner in the cannabis space,” says Botánica CEO Anselmo Marín, “and AZFL is the kind of company you’d want in your corner.”

Stilbon Corp. Partnership

Amazonas Florestal announced its partnership with Stilbon Corp. on September 8, facilitating the distribution of the company’s hemp products to three continents. Stilbon Corp. is a wholesale distributor with a large network spanning the Caribbean, South America, Europe, and Asia. Through this partnership, Amazonas Florestal will be able to distribute its hemp products to three continents.

“This alliance will further secure the distribution network for our upcoming CBD/Medical Marijuana product line, and [Stilbon’s] expertise in successfully wholesaling products around the globe for over 25 years brings tremendous potential to the table,” Cortez remarked.

Stilbon’s CEO, Jorge Miller, echoed enthusiasm for the partnership and opportunity to distribute Amazonas Florestal’s “quality products” adding he is “certain that together we can establish a significant market share in the cannabis space across Europe and South America, for starters.”

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