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ICoreConnect, Inc. Acquires Spectrum Technology Solutions

Cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform ICoreConnect, Inc. (OTCQB:ICCT) announced its acquisition of Spectrum Technology Solutions -- the company’s eighth strategic acquisition under President and CEO Robert McDermott and his executive team.

In its press release which stated this news, iCoreConnect noted the alignment of business goals and models which will lend themselves well to the success of this acquisition. McDermott acclaimed his own team’s careful deliberation in this choice, and remarked that “this acquisition brings a highly talented team to our fast-growing, high-performance SaaS company… [and] continues to accelerate our rapid growth as reported in the recently filed 10-Q.”

Regarded for providing high-performance healthcare business technology solutions, iCoreConnect continues to reflect its emphasis on customer feedback, pairing well with the customer-centered philosophy at Spectrum Technology Solutions. The latter’s scope of services includes Managed Services, Data Backup, Data Discovery, Strategic IT Leadership & vCIO, Cloud Services, Cybersecurity, and Encryption. The quality and extent of both companies’ services show potential in relevance and competitiveness.

Mirroring these sentiments, Spectrum Technology Solutions President and CEO Wayne Klug said, “We are excited about the new opportunities to offer our customers expanded services and support. It’s an amazing opportunity for Spectrum’s talented team to join this fast-growing, high-performance company.”

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