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Better Choice Company Sells $2.6 Million in Halo Products on Singles Day

Better Choice Company (NYSE: BTTR), a pet health and wellness company, sold $2.6 million in Halo products during Singles Day, a virtual shopping event that takes place in China in the weeks leading up to November 11.

Better Choice is striving toward an increased presence in Asia, emphasizing the premium nature of its products. Compared to Singles Day last year, consumer purchases of Halo products have increased by four times the amount, which it attributes largely to new customer acquisition. The company has also partnered with a widely known Chinese model and international fashion icon, which will further assist the company with its visibility, especially among its millennial and gen-z customer base.

“We are very pleased with the continued growth we are experiencing in Asia, which has been driven in part by the doubling of household pet ownership in China over the last decade,” says Rob Sauermann, Executive Vice President – Strategy at Better Choice. Sauermann also credited the company’s partnership with Penefit as a key driving force in sales and marketing in China.

Better Choice has exceeded goals in both brand awareness and sales targets with its Asian consumers and distributors. Its aggregate minimum purchases with these distributors totaled more than $100 million in sales from 2021-2025. Regarding Better Choice’s connection to these consumers, CEO Scott Lerner said “as an authentic, mission-driven pet lover, [our] message that ‘Every Pet has its own Halo’ links directly to our identity as a brand worldwide.”

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