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Better Choice Company Presents at ROTH Investment Event

Better Choice Company (NYSE: BTTR), a pet health and wellness company, participated in the 10th Annual ROTH Deer Valley Corporate Access Event that took place in Park City, Utah on December 9, 2021.

This event is one of the largest conferences in the country for small cap businesses, gathering companies from a diverse range of sectors in company presentations, Q&As, and 1-on-1 sessions. Presenting on behalf of Better Choice were CEO Scott Lerner, CFO Sharla Cook, Donald Young, EVP Sales and Rob Sauermann, EVP Strategy.

By presenting in two different panels, Better Choice was able to share significant updates about the company with attendees, including a record-breaking $15.9 million in Q3 gross sales, 43% growth in International Sales, 35% growth in E-Commerce Sales, and the launching of over 2000+ pet specialty stores in 2022.

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